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1978 – Henry Winkler was in the studio and said he’d turned down the John Travolta role in this movie.  Says if he knew then what he knows now, he would have taken it, and they could have had his singing voice dubbed.

In 2016, NBC aired a live performance of Grease. Howard said he didn’t watch it because it’s so awful. Robin said she’d been invited to at least 3 Grease-watching parties. Howard said that only kids would want to watch that, but Robin said these were adult parties. Howard said he’d had to watch the movie with his kids when they were small and he hated it. He said he loves movies and he loves music, but when they put those two together, he hates it. Says it’s all crappy music, and everyone is so overacting, it’s awful. Then he says that they’re using 30 year-old actors to play high schoolers, and word was that Stockard Channing, who plays Rizzo, was 38 when she made the movie. Howard says the title Grease sounds like it should be the title of one of Ronnie sex tips.

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Image by Tom Adelsbach
Image by Tom Adelsbach

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