Green Hornet

2011 – Seth Rogen was on the show while he was getting in shape to make this movie.  He was finished writing it, and thought it would be a great comedy buddy movie.  Howard said that he had reservations, as he liked super hero movies where they take the movie seriously, and Seth thought this movie did that as well.  When it came out and Howard and Robin saw it, they didn’t like it.

In 2014, Seth said that making the films Guilt Trip and Green Hornet when he did was perfect timing to learn about what doesn’t work in movies.  He was led to do those movies when he was trying to be conservative. He says he learned that’s why R rated comedies work, and PG-13 don’t. He has to hold back with a PG 13; they would do something really funny off script and then realize it couldn’t go in the movie.

Green Hornet on IMDb

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