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Groundhog Day

1993 – Howard talked to Bill Murray about the movie, saying it’s great.  He asked him if Addie McDowell was really a pain in the ass to work with, and Bill Murray was thoughtful, but then said that she had perfect hair, and there were many times they had to wait for her hair to be perfect before they could film.  There were also times he had to redo takes over and over because of her.  There were some where he had to stuff his face with food, and he knew that his part of the take was perfect, but they’d have to redo it, and he got very frustrated.  He did say that he liked her now.

Thanks to for Howard’s thoughts on Harold Ramis’ Death. 02/25/14. 6:35am: 

“Howard said Harold Ramis is like the Beatles to him. He said he was a great innovator. He said that he was 69 years old. Howard said he had him on the show one time and he was one of those guys who wrote a movie and didn’t have to be in it. He said he was the straight man and didn’t need to be the guy getting the big laughs. He said he was a great writer/director. He said he wrote Groundhogs Day and directed it too. He said that would make him one of the greats. He said he’s not sure why he wasn’t more celebrated when he was alive. Howard said he wasn’t celebrated like so many others were.

Howard said the amazing thing is that when you look at some of his films you realize how great some of them were. He mentioned Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Animal House and many others. Howard said Harold Ramis and Bill Murray had a falling out after Groundhogs Day and they never did get an explanation on that. Howard said they were great collaborators. He said that it must have been uncomfortable for Bill after Harold died. Howard said that something went down with them and they weren’t friends anymore.

Howard said Stripes was a kick ass movie too. Jon Hein came in and told Howard that he had more on the feud. He said Ramis said that Bill Murray was going through a divorce during the filming of Groundhogs Day and he basically told him not to act like a child during the filming and after that they stopped being friends. Howard said that he upset the king. Howard said Bill must have his side of the story too. Maybe he was upset that Harold wasn’t more sensitive while he was going through tough times.

Sternthology played an interview with Harold Ramis in studio.  Howard asked him if he’s ever directed a dud, and Harold said Club Paradise.  He thought that was a bomb.  Howard asked him about Bill Murray being a pain in the ass during Groundhog’s Day, and he said he was.  He also asked him if Andie was a pain as well, saying no one was looking for her.  The last thing she’d been in was Tarzan, and they wouldn’t let her speak in that movie.  Howard asked Harold about the other actresses who auditioned for that part, and he said Sharon Stone had also auditioned.  Howard said she’s had nothing going on since her crotch shot in Basic Instinct.  He said she couldn’t have gotten the role, because they would confuse her crotch with the groundhog.

In September, 2014, Jennifer Hudson was in studio.  She talking about that she had worked on Disney cruise ships singing songs from Lion King and Hercules, but being on the ship was like being in Groundhog’s Day, where every day was exactly the same, and she would actually get excited when the day’s excursion was to go to the local Wal Mart.

Goundhog Day on IMDb

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