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Guilt Trip, The

2012 –  Howard was talking about wanting to travel, but then said he really doesn’t.  He asked Robin if he’d seen about that movie with Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand  The Guilt Trip where they go to the Grand Canyon and then he wonders how long they have to stand there after they’ve driven so far to look at it?  Robin said she’s seen that movie, too, but they didn’t say anything about whether they liked it or not and they didn’t even say the name of the movie.  Seth Rogen was in studio plugging his new movie This Is the End, and Howard asked him about the rumors that Barbra Streisand’s son was jealous of his relationship with her during the filming of this movie.  He also asked him if it was true that Barbra demanded that they only film Monday thru Thurs and start after 8:30, and always film no more than 45 minutes from her home.  Seth said if he was Barbra Streisand, why not?

In 2014, Seth said that making the films Guilt Trip and Green Hornet when he did was perfect timing to learn about what doesn’t work in movies.  He was led to do those movies when he was trying to be conservative. He says he learned that’s why R rated comedies work, and PG-13 don’t. He has to hold back with a PG 13; they would do something really funny off script and then realize it couldn’t go in the movie.

In 2016, Seth was in studio and when Howard asked him to name a film of his that he didn’t like. He didn’t want to do that, because even if he doesn’t like a film, he knows there may be a fan of his that does. He didn’t say this movie was bad, but said that during filming, he and Barbra Streisand would talk about how they didn’t think some of the things were working.

The Guilt Trip on IMDb

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