Hanky Panky

1982 –

In 2016, talk of the death of Gene Wilder during their break. Howard thought he’d be remembered for his great movies Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, but was surprised to see most of the tributes he saw that were shown were from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which he sad he didn’t care about. Before Robin’s news, there was a song parody from that movie. He was also in the Producers, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex. He met Gilda Radner while filming Hanky Panky, which Howard and Robin both said was a horrible movie. After Gilda died, Gene started a charity in her honor. His first role was in Bonnie and Clyde. Howard said it must have been a small role, because he doesn’t remember him in it. He did 4 movies with Richard Prior and they listed Silver Streak and Stir Crazy, but they were also in See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Another You together.

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