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Hateful Eight

2015 –  Richard Christy and JD both saw this and said it’s really good. JD tweeted:  I have seen “The Hateful Eight”. It is awesome in every way a movie can be awesome. Richard said he could tell JD was enjoying the movie because he was rocking in his seat through the entire movie, and was sitting on the edge of his seat, like he was trying to learn everything he could about directing. JD says he gave it two thumbs up.

Quentin Tarantino was in studio to plug the film and said someone from the Disney studios is strong-arming one of the theaters in LA to not let them show Star Wars if they don’t run it through the entire holiday season. Quentin’s film is coming out 2 weeks after Star Wars, and it needs a 70mm screen. He says he’s made a ton of money for Disney over the years with Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. They shouldn’t have a beef with him. Howard says after this gets on the air, he guarantees it will be taken care of.

The Hateful Eight on IMDb

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