2013 –

JD tweeted:  Beautiful is the only way I can describe Spike Jonze’s “Her”…….I loved it.

Then, Variety tweeted that “Scarlett Johansson’s performance in Her ineligible for Golden Globe.”  JD tweeted “I’ve seen “Her”, and this is bullshit.”

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)1/10/14, 7:11 PM  FYI: If you’ve seen “Her”, or about to see it, Kristen Wiig is the girl Joaquin Phoenix has phone sex with. (news via @JimmyKimmelLive )  Jeff Vennard (@JeffVennard)
1/10/14, 10:09 PM  @jdharm And the dude pretending to be a chick he hangs up on a moment earlier is Bill Hader.

On 2.24.14, During Robin’s news, Robin was reading a story that a guy said in 15 years robots will be smarter than us.  Howard asked Robin if she had seen Her which is about a robot girlfriend.  He and Robin really liked it .

Her on IMDb

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