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Howard Stern’s Private Parts

1997 – Howard says this is the only truly perfect movie. Howard has told so many stories about the making of this movie, and even twittered during a recent showing on cable–way too many to list.  He had the man that was his boss Moti in the house in studio with his sons, and Howard told them what a truly horrible person this man had been to him.  Moti said he enjoyed the movie, but that he wasn’t portrayed accurately, and Howard disagreed.  His old boss said he never wore those jump suits, but Howard said he certainly had worn those.    Mary McCormack has been in studio many times, and Howard says he always took advantage of any opportunities to feel up her boobs.  He also could never understand actors saying they don’t get aroused during love scenes, as he had full boners throughout.  He’d even go to his trailer to beat off, and then still get a boner.

Eli Roth was Howard’s old intern that used to sit outside his door while he was making Private Parts.  He told Howard he was writing screenplays, and he ended up being a major Hollywood player.  In 2012, Howard was watching a rerun of this movie and live-tweeted during the entire movie.

Roger Ebert was in studio 3 months before the release of this movie.  Howard guaranteed him this was a good movie, and Roger said that Rob Reiner knew North was a good movie.  Roger talked with Howard a lot about cinematography and how to make him look better.  He says they need a nice lamp with a pink bulb to light the good side of his face, or the side of the face that the nose swings towards.  Howard says his fans waiting to see his movie opening weekend will look like Woodstock.  Howard showed Roger a picture of his movie wife, Mary, and Roger said she looked like she could kick his ass, and Howard said she could.  Roger says he will give Howard’s movie a fair review, that he won’t be biased by the abuse Howard heaps on him whenever he’s in the studio, making him get on the scale.

Howard wants to redo the song American Nightmare from Private Parts. He ended up whispering the words because he couldn’t growl them words like Rob Zombie wanted.  The writer of the movie wanted Howard to relax to be able to act, so he ordered a ping pong table to be brought in.  Howard doesn’t like ping pong, but it just so happened that the writer loved ping pong, and ended up playing it the whole time.  Howard learned how to act by watching a 10 minute Meryl Streep interview with  Roger Ebert on how to act. Everyone thought it was the ping pong table but it was Meryl Streep.

Keanu Reeves was in studio and said he watched Private Parts for a 2nd time the night before and it is a cool movie.  He says Paul Giamatti is great, he’s got liquid coming out of his mouth and everything.

Camille Grammer,, Kelsey’s wife, has a short cameo in this movie.  She’s the one that had irritable bowel syndrome and Fred would always play farting noises when she was in studio.  She was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Howard thought she was truly crazy, and Kelsey was nuts as well.

Robin said she was looking up a list of biopics like Lincoln, and surprised she found Private Parts on the list.Gary said Lucas saw it and said Howard was very funny in it.

Private Parts on IMDb

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