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Hulk, The & Incredible Hulk, The

Howard and Robin didn’t like either of these movies.  Say that the Hulk character isn’t interesting enough to carry an entire movie.  When The Avengers came out, they said that was just the right amount of Hulk, and Robin said that now she loved the character.   They thought Edward Norton did a better job in The Incredible Hulk, but still thought the movie fell flat.

Mel Gibson’s interview after his yelled anti Semitic slurs against policemen was played.  He was saying that he has no control of what he says after a few drinks, which Howard says no one would say anything like that if it wasn’t in his mind already, no matter how drunk they were.  Robin said he’s trying to say he’s like The Hulk, having no control and waking up later with his pants all torn.

Hulk on IMDb 2003

The Incredible Hulk on IMDb 2008

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