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Human Centipede (The) II & III (All Sequences)

2010 – I don’t know if Howard ever saw this one all the way through.  He talked about how disgusting the premise was, a scientist sewing mouths to assholes and making human centipedes.   When the sequel came out, he and Robin couldn’t believe it had been released, as the first one was so bad.  Looking this up now, there’s another one being made.

In 2015, Howard said Bree Olsen will be in studio and was in Human Centipede #3 . He wants to know if she’s still hot, but then says that nobody had seen it to know. Then JD says he saw it and she was a secretary giving the sheriff blow jobs. He said it wasn’t very good, so no one’s performance shines. She’s coming in to announce the results of her blood test, because today’s the day Charlie Sheen will announce he has got HIV on the Today show. Howard said Charlie Sheen will announce that he will be in a new show 2-1/2 T Cells.

The Human Centipede on IMDb

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) on IMDb 2011

The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) on IMDb coming out in 2013

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