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Hunger Games

2012 – Howard said he hated this movie, that it was horrible and stupid.  Robin agreed.  In 2013, Howard was talking about that his best friend was Ralph, who is really weird, and Robin said that the star, Jennifer Lawrence, had a best friend that’s also mentally challenged.

tweeted in Nov, 2013    Catching Fire: Better than the first. A bit slow and too long. Book is better, but it doesn’t have Jennifer Lawrence who is captivating.

Howard was wondering why Jennifer Lawrence is so big now, because the Hunger Games movies are terrible.  Gary said he liked the books, but Howard said he couldn’t get through it.  Robin said, give me a gun so I don’t have to sit through the rest of it.  She said they’re filmed like reading a book.

Jason Kaplan tweeted:  Finally saw the 1st Hunger Games.  Biggest takeaway?  Value your food so you don’t end up pining over the guy who rolled your bread in mud.

The Hunger Games on IMDb

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