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I Smile Back

2015 –

In 2017, Sarah Silverman was in studio complaining that Howard never watches her stuff, and Howard said he watches all her standup specials and loves them. He said he had sent her a note that he and Beth really liked the movie she did I Smile Back.

Sarah Silverman was in studio plugging her new movie I Smile Back. She got that movie because of her appearance on Howard’s show when she talked about her depression. Howard was mad that she didn’t call him immediately to tell him that she got this movie because of his show. She said she doesn’t want to bother him by e-mailing him all the time. Howard can’t believe that, as that’s too important of a thing for her not to call him. Sarah’s mad that Howard hadn’t seen the movie before today. She said that he sees everything Bradley Cooper gizzes out! She says she thinks Howard must have seen it and hated it-that’s why he says he didn’t see it. Howard said he will swear on his life that he didn’t see it yet. Robin said she didn’t see it yet, either. Howard says he’ll see it this week. Sarah said that he won’t because he’ll be too busy because he’ll have to watch all the movies for next week’s guests. Howard wondered if she had to pull a Daniel Day-Lewis and stay in character the entire time. She said she ended up having to do that-she’s not that good of an actress. She said that Tom Hanks can be goofing on one minute and next minute be Captain Phillips. She can’t be goofing off and then act depressed, so she had to stay in character.

I Smile Back on IMDb

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