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I, Tonya

2017 –

Howard, Robin and Ralph all loved this movie. Ralph says the Allison Janney mom is kind of like Darth Vader. They say it’s a great movie, but who’s going to want to see a movie about Tonya Harding? But if you find it, it’s great. Says that at the end and they show the real mom, and you realize that Allison Janney really channelled her to play that part. Howard says they’re promoting this movie as a comedy, and Howard says he doesn’t see it that way. He says there were some funny parts, but the movie is so sad. Especially the mom is so mean.

In response to Memet saying he’s the Tonya Harding of the show, artist David Glantz posted this:

Image by David Glantz @DavidGlantz3

I, Tonya on IMDb


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