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In Living Color (TV Series)

1990 – 1994 Jim Carrey was in studio during In Living Color and Howard asked about his being too big to stay with the show and going off to star in movies.  Jim said it was the Once Bitten thing, as it didn’t do very well.  Howard predicted he’d do well in movies someday. Howard said the show should be called In Leaving Color, as everyone was leaving, and Jim Carrey was the only person left, and he’s white.  Howie Mandel asked how it was to do a sketch by himself.   They talked about Homey the Clown,   Bill Burns, the Fire Marshall Guy. and The Adventures of Handi-Man. Talked about the Wayans brothers’  Scary Movie franchise, and I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, which Robin said was even before In Living Color.  David Alan Grier,also talked about his failed auditions for Cheers (they told him they were looking for a black bartender) The Tracy Ullman Show, Seinfeld (he thought it was going to be awful) and Jerry McGuire-he kept thinking Tom Cruise was whispering or forgetting his lines.  Jim Carrey went on to make the Grinch, Liar, Liar, Ace Ventura, Man On the Moon, and Jamie Foxx made Ray. David Allen Grier saw Ace Ventura at the preview sitting next to a very nervous Jim Carrey, but he thought it was too crazy to make it.  He didn’t think America was ready for it.  Chris Rock agreed with him, that no one would see it.  He’d made Earth Girls Are Easy that didn’t do well.  David Allen Grier was on the set of Boomerang with all these big stars talking about banging famous women, and he had nothing to say.  They talked about the then dancer Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez.  Robert Schimmel had been a writer on the show and ate lunch with Jennifer Lopez.  He told the story of running into Jennifer Lopez years later and she said she didn’t remember anyone from the show. Howard asked him if he asked her if she remembered Jim Carrey, and he said he didn’t want to run after her, as she had just kept walking.

In Living Color on IMDb

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