Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

1994 – Howard and Robin love this movie.  Richard Christy says it’s another one of his “favorites”, though not as good as Legends of the Fall. Was it this movie or Legends of the Fall that Richard called his long-lost-finally-found-friend and they watched the movie together on their anniversary?

Robin again argued that Brad Pitt is not a movie star because he’s never opened a movie grossing more than $200,000,000.  Howard disagrees.  He says he was in more artsy movies that didn’t make much money, but Brad Pitt still puts the audience in seats.  He said he was great in Interview With a Vampire, but Robin said that Tom Cruise was the star in that movie.  Howard said yes, but Brad Pitt was still great and is a movie star.

Interview with a Vampire on IMDb

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