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1987 – This is Howard’s definition of a bad movie.  He said it was like Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty spent $ 65 million dollars to videotape them walking across the desert.

In 1998, Warren Beatty’s interview when he was promoting Bulworth.  Robin said it was really funny, a great movie.  Howard said he can’t trust her opinion, because she liked the Last Action Hero, but that he’s going to see it because Halle Barrie looks like she’s got her hands all over Warren.  Said he chose well for his leading lady, and he’s going to go see it just to see her.  Howard said Bonnie and Clyde was one of the best movies ever, and then Robin reminded him of Heaven Can Wait, which they also both loved.  He told Warren that even if he didn’t bang all those broads, there’d still be stuff to talk about because he made all these good movies.  He asked him about Ishtar, wondered if Dustin was a pain in the ass? and then said he’s never seen it.    Warren said that Dustin wasn’t a pain in the ass and that Howard should do him a favor and watch that movie.

Ishtar on IMDb

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