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Jackass: The Movie, Number Two, & 3D

Howard loves these movies.  Says it’s a real life 3 Stooges movie.  Artie said the best is when the whole screen is filled up with a ceiling fan, and then all of a sudden a head pops up and stops the fan.  He said it’s hysterical.  When Steve-O or Bam Margera are in the studio, they always say this will be the last film, but they end up filming more.  KC was talking about the stunts he used to pull in college before Jackass.  Howard said they made him sad.  KC and friends would run up behind an old lady and drop a condom filled with mayonnaise down her shirt.  Howard said it’s somebody’s mother, and that KC has no ability to know that was wrong until Howard says it’s mean.  Robin said KC’s group was like the gang of hooligans from A Clockwork Orange.  Howard says Jackass is so funny because you’re laughing at guys really hurting themselves, not being mean to others.

Howard says the Jackass movies and TV show are like the Three Stooges with man ass.  Bam Magera and Steve-O have come into the studio various time over the years doing stunts that would scare Howard to death.

Will the Farter took the IQ test with other staff members, Bobo and Eric the Actor and scored low, but Howard said it doesn’t matter because he’s got a great talent and is in Jackass 3D.

Howard likes to bring up how much money these movies made, and they were really cheap to make.  Howard and Gary said both their wives think that Johnny Knoxville is so cute, and  Howard said, yeah, he’s good-looking, but he has a catheter in his cock.


Jackass:  The Movie on IMDb  2002

Jackass Number Two on IMDb  2006

Jackass 2.5 on IMDb (direct to video 2007)

Jackass 3D on IMDb 2010

Jackass 3.5 on IMDb (direct to video 2011)

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