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Jackie Brown

1997 – Howard and Robin said they loved this movie.  They didn’t usually like any movies with Chris Tucker in them, but this was a great movie.  Samuel L. Jackson was in studio and they asked him about the controversy over Tarantino’s frequent use of the “N” word.  Samuel said that that was how that particular character talked, and for every time Quentin had written it in the script, Samuel added even more.

Quentin Tarantino was on the Shuffle plugging Jackie Brown  He said he had to have Pam Grier for this part. He brought her back from obscurity.  She was the woman he thought of because, growing up, she was cool and hot, in charge and poised.  She’s in her 40′s but looks in her 30′s, which is how he pictured this character.  She has the ability to play it cool. He said that the fact that the money only cost $12 million to make, so there’s no way it’s going to bomb.  He’s off the success of Pulp Fiction  When asked about the use of the “N” word in his movies, he said he went to a movie by a black director, and the dialogue had a white man saying “I’m going to get this African American actor for this part” and he said people don’t talk like that.  He writes like people speak.  Howard asked him about Spike Lee’s criticism of him, and he said that Spike Lee can write the Johnny Cash story, that’s fine.  He’ll watch it and either like it or not; he doesn’t need to go around bad mouthing it.  He said that Spike Lee is also screaming about Amistad; he’s just an angry guy. Howard told him he heard that Donald Trump went into Amistad with a girl hoping for a makeout movie, and after 20 minutes came running out.  Quentin said it was like that Seinfeld episode where they made out during Schindler’s List.  In another segment, Howard said he’s fixated on the Coolio song, Gangster’s Paradise, like the guy in Dangerous Mind.

Jackie Brown on IMDb

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