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1975 – The classic scary movie.  Howard, Fred and Artie impersonate Robert Shaw’s urgent dialogue, and Roy Scheider saying they need a bigger boat.  Ralph said it was Robert Shaw’s best movie role.

In 2013, Howard was saying The Grey was really good. That it was about these plane crash survivors getting eaten by sharks.  Robin said it made as much sense as Sharknado.  Howard said the movie almost didn’t get made because the sharks didn’t want to work with Ian Zierring and Tara Reid.  Robin did a news story about a woman snorkeling that got eaten by a shark, and Howard was saying that’s a terrible way to go, as everyone laughs when you tell them how someone died.  You can’t have a decent funeral as people will laugh.  Could only be a closed casket because there would only be a hand and foot and the shark would shit him out. That’s why Sharknado is such a wonderful movie.   It was like Jaws.  And he said snorkeling is dumb; be a real man and get a tank and go diving.  Snorkers look like douches with a mask and a pipe and flippers.  Snorkelers look like big giant seal in the ocean.  This woman was swimming where sharks were known to be.  Why would anyone snorkel when you can see a fish in a tank?  Robin said they want to see fish in their natural habitat, and Howard said on his plate in their natural habitat.  Part of the victim’s body was carried away by the shark as her friend watched.

In 2013, Ben Stiller said when he worked with Speilberg during Empire of the Sun and he would sit and talk to him for hours about directing Jaws.  He was a nobody then, and he said Speilberg was really great to spend that much time with him.  He even watched a short film Ben had made.

Image by Anthony Chirico of Stern Facebook Superfans

Image by Anthony Chirico of SternFaceBook Superfans


Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach, with the caption: We’re gonna need a bigger toothbrush

from Stern Facebook Superfan Jim Young &


Jaws on IMDb

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