Jerry McGuire

1996 – The theme song made a great song parody “Boowie McGuire” with Gary’s “I want you back” video. This is the movie that Artie was yelled at by Tom Cruise because he was “acting” and using a pause, and Tom Cruise wanted him to get on with it.  The scene ended up on the cutting room floor anyway.  Also Kenneth Keith Calenbaugh was up for a role. He went to read for director Cameron Crowe, a big Stern fan, but he must not have gotten the role.

David Alan Grier,talked about his failed auditions for Cheers (they told him they were looking for a black bartender) The Tracy Ullman Show, Seinfeld (he thought it was going to be awful. He said both he and Jerry were bad and reading a bad script) and Jerry McGuire-he kept thinking Tom Cruise was whispering or forgetting his lines.   He’d show Tom where the next line was, and Tom said he was taking a pause.  Then he couldn’t hear him when he was whispering for dramatic effect.

Jerry McGuire on IMDb

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