Justified (TV Series)

2010 –

Howard and Robin love this series.  Howard said he had to go back and watch some of the older ones before the new season started, as he gets confused.

In April 2014, Robin said she’s realized that Justified has spend the entire season on trying to get one shipment of heroine.  Howard says it’s like Sons of Anarchy, where they’re the Bad News Gang and can’t do anything right.

And then Ralph tweeted: Just watched the 2 new eps of Continues to be one of the BEST shows on TV! GREAT ACTING, CASTING and WRITING!

NICE! U do RAYLAN? “: great ep. of last night, had to draw our favorite bad boy BOYD. 🙂

  1. yeah, that was a KILLER SCENE…the dialogue is SO GREAT and T. O. delivers it PERFECTLY…HE IS RAYLAN!

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