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Karate Kid 1, 2, 3 & 4 (and remake)

This is one of Howard and Artie’s favorite movies.  They say the original is one of the best movies about a bullied kid who beats up the bullies in the end, and of course, Howard loves that.  He even loved the remake with Will Smith’s kid.  He was prepared to hate this remake, especially since Will Smith or his kids don’t need any more success, but said he actually got emotional, and thinks it’s because he wishes he had had an adult like the Pat Morita or Jackie Chan character in his life while growing up. An adult to teach him and that cared he was being beat up every day at school.  The sequels of the original aren’t any good, though the fourth one, also known as the Next Karate Kid, is interesting to see because of a young Hilary Swank playing the bullied kid.  During the Shuffle, they played Grillo talking about turkey hunting, and Fred quoted Karate Kid “see a turkey, become a turkey!”

In 2014, Steve Brandano tweeted:  Watching Karate Kid Part 3. People are way too hard on the Jayden Smith version

IMDb link to Karate Kid (2010)

IMDb link to Karate Kid (1984)

IMDb link to Karate Kid, Part II 1986
IMDd link to Karate Kid, Part III 1989

The Next Karate Kid 1994




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