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King of Comedy

1983 – Robert De Niro plays Rupert Pupkin in this movie, and Fred uses the sound byte of his demonic-sounding laugh often.  When Sandra Bernhard has been on the show, Howard always talks about how much he loved this movie and what a pain in the ass Jerry Lewis is.  Paul Rodriguez was on the show, talking about what a big fan he was of Howard, but he couldn’t get on the show, and he was stalking him like Rupert Pupkin.

During the “Sal Planning to Sleepover at Howard’s House” episode, the movies Misery, King of Comedy and Single White Female are referenced.  Howard kept telling Sal to watch King of Comedy so Sal can see what he’s turning into.  Fred played the clip from Misery, when she breaks James Caan’s legs, and they say that’s Sal over at Howard’s house.

In 2014, Howard thinks the fact that caller Bobo makes notes and writes everything down in a notebook for his calls is straight out of King of Comedy.  He wonders if he’s like Robert De Niro and gets up and early and rehearses in a mirror.

King of Comedy on IMDb

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