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La Bamba

1987 – Howard told Lou Diamond Phillips this was a great movie and he was great as Ritchie Valens in it.  When he was in studio in 1998 to plug The Big Hit, all Howard could talk to him about was his ex-wife who left him for Melissa Etheridge.  Howard thought that was the worst thing that could ever happen to a man was his wife leaving him for a woman.  He wanted to know if he’d had a clue his wife was gay before she left him.  Lou said that he didn’t, but that he’d realized he must be naive.  Each time Howard thought of another question to ask him, Fred started playing Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window” and he’s ask Lou if Melissa is singing about his wife, and if she actually did come to his window.  He wanted to know if he was a good lover, “Were you able to deliver the goods?” and again he said he thought he was, but that he was naive about a lot of things.  He wanted to know how his wife had met Melissa , how she told him she was gay.  Lou said that she told him 20 minutes before he was supposed to go out and do a scene.  Howard was furious that his ex-wife was entitled to half of Lou’s earnings since she had left him, especially for a woman.  As Howard starts each question, Fred starts with the “Come To My Window.”  This has been awhile ago, and Lou had brought in his new wife of 4 years who was beautiful and she confirmed that Lou was a good lover.

La Bamba on IMDb

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