Lady in the Water

2006 – Paul Giamatti was in studio to plug this movie and said it was really good.  Later when he was in to plug Barney’s Version, he admitted that it wasn’t this hadn’t been a very good movie.  Said he thought it was going to be good until he saw the finalized movie.  M. Knight Shyamalan had been on a streak, making tons of great movies, and everyone thought he was going to be the next Alfred Hitchcock.  He had taken the movie to several studios and fought for it to be made, and it just bombed, and the both the movie and M Knight became a joke.

In 2013, Steve Brandano tweeted out that he feels he’s the only one in the world who liked this movie, and he’ll continue to defend M. Night Shyamalan and always will.

Lady in the Water on IMDb

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