Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3 & 4

1987 – Howard and Robin liked the original movie, and they always like Joe Pesci, who is in the last 3.  Danny Glover made a complaint to the New York City Cab Drivers, as he said as a black man, he couldn’t get a cab.  Howard and Fred went off doing their bad Indian accents as cab drivers, saying that if Danny had worn a red hat, the cab drivers would have known that he was a good black that would have paid his cab fare.  These cab drivers were just off the boat, they didn’t know he was a movie star that worked with Mel Gibson.

Lethal Weapon on IMDb   1987

Lethal Weapon 2 on IMDb  1989

Lethal Weapon 3 on IMDB  1992

Lethal Weapon 4 on IMDB   1998

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