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Legend of Tarzan, The

2016 –

Howard finally got to see this movie in 2018, and said it was awful. Tarzan was raised by apes, and he was supposed to be grunting and stuff, but he’s going to college.

From “Howard said he was so disappointed that he bought the new Tarzan movie. He said that guy who was in True Blood is in it. He said it has Margot Robbie in it. He said that she’s super hot. Robin asked if she’s Jane. Howard said she is. He said it’s a shit movie but it made like $325 million. Howard said in the start of the movie he’s a dignified guy who went to college. Howard said he should be grunting. Robin said he was raised by apes. Howard said all of the good shit was cut out and it was just so bad. He said Beth watched it with him and he thought it was going to be good. Robin said she didn’t bother to look at that movie.

Howard said he was wondering if he should show it to Beth. He said that guy was hardly Tarzan. He said he had a yacht and an ascot. Robin said in the old Tarzan they tried to tame him but not in this one. Howard said the movie just wasn’t good. He said the apes who raised him were even wondering what was going on. He said he didn’t say Ungawa. He said that’s all he said in the old TV series. Howard said it just sucked. He said don’t waste your money. Robin said she wasn’t going to. Howard said fuck that. He said Margot Robbie was in it and she never had her outfit rip or anything. Robin said back in the 1930s they had Jane in barely anything. Howard said Margot must have a good agent. That led to him doing his Fake Agent voice. Howard did the agent thing for a minute talking about how he keeps Margot in clothes in that movie.

Howard said Jane was very cunty in the movie. He told Robin he watched the whole thing even though it sucked. He said he did pay for it so he’s going to watch it. Howard said it was depressing.”

The Legend of Tarzan 2016

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