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Image by Doc Ivan

Image by  Doc Ivan

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach


Doc Ivan and Tom Adelsbach created this portrait of Sallyssess S. Grant after Sal came on the air spewing his new Civil War knowledge in 2014.

2012 – Howard said this movie was boring.  Said he was just waking up from seeing it.  He said they should have made it more of a biography of the life of Lincoln, rather than a movie of him making boring speeches.  Said it made him want to watch Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  Daniel Day-Lewis was great, but the movie had to be good for him to get an Oscar nod.  Robin said it’s the performance, not the movie.  But she’d heard it was really good.  Howard told her to go ahead and waste 2-1/2 hours of her life and see it.  Then they started talking about Daniel Day-Lewis, and how it’s reported he never leaves character when he’s filming a movie.  Howard says he’s an asshole, and a bit of a freak.   He would only talk to Sally Field as Mary Todd, and would only speak with Steven Spielberg via written notes.  Jon Hein saw it and said he really liked it.  He asked Howard if he was disappointed in them not dealing with his assassination, but Howard said that he’d thought that was ok–you knew how it ended anyway.  He did say the 2nd half of the movie dealt with how hard it was during the Civil War, and how hard Lincoln worked to get the slaves freed, working with both parties.  Made him wish politicians now would work like that.

The next week, Robin said she saw it, and agreed that it was boring.  George Takei was in studio, and he said that it was fantastic, and couldn’t believe they both didn’t like it.  Howard just said it was an hour and a half too long–hadn’t they heard of editing?  The 2nd half was much better, but still boring according to Howard.  Robin agreed, though liked it better than Howard.

January of 2013, this movie is mentioned again as being on the list of critics’ top 3 movies of 2012.  Howard’s response to that was “Lincoln-forget about it” meaning a total waste of time.  Jon Hein said he really liked it, though admitted it was too long.  Daniel Day-Lewis won the Sag award for Best Actor for this movie, and Howard was goofing on his acceptance speech.  He was saying how he’d gotten advice from other actors, and he named Leonardo DiCaprio, on how they advised that he needed to “take this chance” on playing Lincoln.  Howard said you take your chances when you go to Iraq, not make a movie.

On the SuperFan Round Table, SternFan Mutt said that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was really well done, and a good movie.  He said he really did like it better than Lincoln.

Howard said he saw Flight with Denzel Washington over a weekend in June, 2013, and said Denzel did a really good job. Howard said he should have been nominated for an award. Robin said he ways, but Daniel Day-Lewis won. Howard said Denzel’s was a much better performance than Daniel’s in Lincoln. Denzel plays an alcoholic pilot.

Robin said she was looking up a list of biopics like Lincoln, and surprised she found Private Parts on the list.Gary said Lucas saw it and said Howard was very funny in it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Lincoln’s son and Howard asked him about the stories of Daniel Day-Lewis always staying in character and how weird it was.  Joseph said he’s not always Lincoln, just stays in the voice and the mood.  He received a handwritten note on old parchment paper by quill and ink from him – he’d studied the  Lincoln’s penmanship.  When Howard asked him about working with Speilberg, He says Speilberg worked with them to capture the actor’s energy on the film; he even called him Mr. President.  He was told that Daniel wanted him for the part.

Lincoln on IMDb


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