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Lost in Space (TV series)

1965 – 1968

Howard 101 reruns has Billy West as a gay Mr. Smith from Lost in Space talking to grown up Will Robinson, Bill Mumy on the phone.  Billy West always made Mr. Smith gay for the young Will Robinson.  Robin wonders why Will’s parents always let Will go off with this mad man?  Gary said even as a child, he noticed that when Mr. Smith ran away from monsters, Mr. Smith had quite the gay run.  Howard asked Bill Mumy if it were true how producers and writers would walk the studio lots and find a thrown out copy machine or some other junk and then write an entire episode around that piece of equipment.  Howard said the effects were so cheap, they’d use a spaghetti strainer and have it chase them around.  Bill Muny said that creator Irvin Allen was also doing Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as well as a The Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants as well as movies, so they would use a guy in a green suit, spray him green for one show, then take him to another set down the hall, add some styrofoam and spray him another color for another show.

In 2014, During the news, Howard thinks Oscar Pestorius’ “M’Lady” sounds like Dr. Smith in Lost in Space. 

Lost in Space on IMDb

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