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Louie (TV Series)

2010 – ?

Louie C.K was in studio talking about this show.  The staff really likes it.  Doug Stanhope was in studio and he said he did Louis CK’s show once and he didn’t have to stretch to play the part. He said Louis told him to try out and see what happens. Doug said he’s really not a good actor but he did it anyway. He said he was spending days walking around in the yard doing his lines to the dogs. He said he knew the whole script. Doug said he doesn’t have a hard time remembering. Then Louis doesn’t call back. He said he told him he sucked and he could have just said he was right and let him off the hook. He said he realized he was doing the Stern Show and he was going to do the lines during the interview. He said he was going to make it look like he stole the entire script from the show. He said then Louis called and said he had the part and ruined his plan.

Louie on IMDb

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