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Lucky One, The

2012 –

In 2014, On the WUS, they were talking to JD about going to romantic movies with your girlfriend.  He had said last week that he had watched Kentucky Fried Movie with her.  Ronnie said The Notebook didn’t make him cry, but he did tear up.  Gary said his son and some friends went to see The Fault In Our Stars and said they were laughing because it was so funny to hear the people behind them crying so hard they were choking, unable to breathe.  JD said he watched Just One of the Guys with his girlfriend as well as True Romance.  Then they talked about a Zach Efron movie where he’s a soldier and loses memory and he takes over the identity of a dead soldier and goes to visit his girlfriend, which was another Nicholas Sparks book (he also wrote The Notebook), this one called The Lucky One from 2012.  Ronnie said “…that was a pretty sad-ass movie.”  No one could remember the name of the movie, but they all saw it.  JD then calls Ronnie the Nicholas Sparks expert.

The Lucky One on IMDb

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