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2010 –

In 2014, Danny Trejo from Machete was in studio.  Howard loves saying the title of the movie and says it’s got to be a great movie with a title like that.  It’s like a Mexican James Bond, where he’s killing everyone and has all the hottest girls.  He’s now plugging Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses with Danny Glover on DVD.  He talked about being on the set of Runaway Train to help keep a friend of his, who was a PA on the film, sober because there was blow everywhere.  As he was there, one of the guys asked him if he wanted to be an extra and he asked “Extra what?” When he went to change his shirt for the scene, one of the guys recognized his tattoo and knew who he was and tapped him to teach Eric Roberts how to box. Then he ended up boxing with him in the movie.  His friend, Eddie Bunker wrote the robbery scene from Straight Time with Dustin Hoffman, and you can make good money writing robbery scenes.

Machete on IMDb

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