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Mad Max: Fury Road

2015 –

Howard said Mad Max has gotten rave reviews; Robin said it was ok and had a really slow start, but was only ok. She said there would have been a great part for Eric the Actor.

In 2016, Howard said Mad Max Fury Road really sucked. It was the worst fucking movie. Robin said she tried to tell him that it was bad. Howard can’t believe there’s even Oscar talk about this movie, and it’s really awful.

Howard and Robin hated Mad Max, Fury Road. Howard said it was like Fast and Furious set in the Desert. They can’t believe it won all those awards.  Howard says he’s seen cartoons with more vision. Jon Hein disagrees, said that the setting and cinematography were amazing. Yes, Jon said that maybe the story was the same as before, but you go wanting an action movie, not a great story. Gary said he needs to finish watching it won all the awards. He didn’t think it was any good, either, just over an hour of a car chase.

Mad Max: Fury Road on IMDb


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