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Mad Max, II: Road Warrior & Beyond Thunderdome

1979 – Robin said that this movie was made when when Mel Gibson was truly one of the best looking men in Hollywood. Howard liked the first Mad Max movie only, he didn’t like any of the sequels.  Robin said that she had recently seen Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and realized why Mel Gibson is so angry now, as that he used to be so great looking, and his looks are gone now.

During the Tropical Storm Sandy, Gary didn’t come in to work because he had to stay home with his wife, kids, dog and cat and protect their house in case any one of a thousand scenarios that could have happened, even though Howard said Sirius was willing to put his family plus pets up in a hotel in Manhattan to make sure he could make it to work. Howard, Robin, Fred and Shuli goofed on him continuously, saying Gary must think he was the Road Warrior, Mad Max fighting for his family, able to lift a single tree off his house while fighting the zombie apocalypse.  Fred does use the title song of Beyond Thunderdome sung by Tina Turner “We Don’t Need Another Hero” at times when Howard’s talking of some heroic feat he’s done.

During Robin’s news one day Howard was talking about how scary Detroit is now, with all the iron bars on residents’ windows.  He says it looks like something out of those futuristic Mel Gibson movies like Road Warrior.

Mad Max on IMDb

Mad Max II: The Road Warrior on IMDb  1981

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome on IMDb 1985

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