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Malcolm X

1992 – The only Spike Lee movie that Howard liked.  He really admires Malcolm X and thought Spike did a great job with this movie.  Howard and Robin said that Malcolm X was the first good Spike Lee movie.

Howard said the American Taliban guy said he saw the Spike Lee movie Malcolm X and now Howard knows it’s all Spike Lee’s fault.  He says no black people go to see these movies, just crazy white guys.

1979 –   Howard was talking about the tan George Hamilton and the movie he was in Love at First Bite.  Says the only tan vampire movie ever had a Polish casting director.  He said George must have wanted to be in Bay Watch, as he could work and tan at the same time.  He could have played Malcolm X, if it wasn’t for that racist Spike Lee that wouldn’t cast him, because he’s dark enough. When Howard played George talking about being badmouthed by Howard and saying “I don’t care,” Fred said “Neither does Hollywood.”

Malcolm X on IMDb

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