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Mars Attacks!

1996 – The Stern show think this is one of the best.  A great campy movie. Howard thinks the aliens’ heads look like Rastafarians who stuff their dreds under their hats.  This movie is where Fred gets his great “Ack! Ack!” sound byte for Eric the Actor.  Fred said that he got this idea from listening to Eric’s random grunts.  Eric would get so mad at Fred, that one time he said that he didn’t say “Ack! Ack!” which Fred loved.  Now he plays both the “Ack! Ack!” from the movie and the one of Eric saying it.  That really pisses Eric off.

On the Shuffle, Tom Chiusano was being goofed on for his movie-going habits.  He said he’d seen Mars Attacks! for his “light” movie that he sees every weekend, and Howard asked if that was considered a comedy?  Then Howard said, “I bet the studio isn’t laughing.”  Robin said no one else laughed at that one, either. Then Tom said it was stupid, there was a slight pause, and every started laughing before Howard could goof any more on Tom.

June 24, 2013, Howard started the day talking about Slim Whitman’s death over the weekend. He said that he and Fred had to write a bit for their show years ago, way before Robin.  They were at WNBC, and they were pressuring them to write bits like Imus did.  There were so many Slim Whitman commercials on TV, they came up with the idea that aliens attacked and died after being played some Slim Whitman song.  Years later, Tim Burton made the movie Mars Attacks! that the aliens come and are kicking butt and then the movie happens to end the same way.  The aliens explode after hearing a Slim Whitman song.  The hero’s name who discovers the aliens weakness is named Ritchie Norris-a possible shout out? Howard said he’s never spoken to Tim about it. Fred  plays the ack ack sounds from the movie while Howard’s talking.  Howard says they should get some credit for that, that somebody must have liked that bit and put it in a movie.  Howard says it drives him crazy that they didn’t get credit for it.  Howard said nobody saw that movie anyway, but Robin said that everybody knows that movie. Howard said they should have gotten paid, and Fred says they deserved at least a stipend.

Before the IQ test results given, Eric the Actor had a list of demands before he would allow his results to be revealed.  Howard agreed to most of them, so Eric agreed to participate.  Fred started with the sound effects from Mars Attacks!, and Eric said that he wanted to add another demand, that Fred not be allowed to play those anymore.  But it was too late; Eric had already agreed to the terms.

In 2014, Eric the Actor called in and they played a new theme song using the Ack Ack from Mars Attacks!  Eric again denied he sounds like that, but then Fred played Eric saying “I don’t say Ack Ack!”, and said that’s where that sound byte comes from.

Mars Attacks! on IMDb

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