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Matrix, The

1999 – Howard and Robin loved this movie.  Howard was especially fascinated with Director Laurence Wachowski, who, together with his brother Andy, directed this movie, and then Laurence decided to become a woman and took the name Lana in 2008.  The brothers were very private and didn’t let anyone photograph them before that point, and Lana was supposedly getting hormone therapy.

Howard really liked the first movie, said the 2nd one was pretty good, but the 3rd one was boring, with too much talking.

In 2013, Stern fan Patti Harvey of Stern Facebook Superfans!! remembers Howard saying he liked Agent Smith best in the first movie.  He also said that Keanu Reeves acts as good as a piece of wood, and the wood could play his part just as well.

The Matrix on IMDb


Another Great Movie Poster by Doc Ivan:

Image by Doc Ivan



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