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Metallica: Through the Never

JD posted on Twitter:  Went to a screening of Metallica’s 3D movie…it’s 90+ minutes of Awesome.  To which Richard Christy tweeted back:  I agree it RULED!

Howard saw the Metallica film, it’s like they’re in the room with them and the sound is incredible.  Richard said the sound was better than any album.  Howard asks why isn’t Lars respected as a drummer?  They put you right in the drum kit – it’s a 3D movie.  Howard just saw it in 2D and he still felt he was on the stage.  Richard said he watched it in a a theater and  wanted to run to the stage and mosh with them.  Richard said even the non-concert scenes are incredible, too.  If you’re into metal and want to see people getting beat up, it’s a great movie.

Howard says he wants to be in a band so bad.  He watches that Metallica movie and goes crazy, he wants to be in a band so bad.

Metallica was in studio to plug their movie Through the Never in 3D movie that Howard said was really good.  Howard asked him how they auditioned that guy for the role of a guy getting beat up at a concert?

Metallica: Through the Never on IMDb

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