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Monsters, Inc.

2001 – In 2013, someone sent in a clip from this movie saying the voice of Roz, Bob Peterson, sounded like Eric the Midget.  Robin said Eric was a caller back then, so Howard said they ripped him off.

In November of 2013, JD tweeted he was home alone on a Saturday night watching this movie.

In December, 2013, John Goodman was in studio and he said Billy Crystal had the idea that he and John would be in the room together while they were doing the voice over for Monsters inc  .  He said the movie wasn’t fun to make, as you have to read the lines over and over and never know which one will actually make it into the movie.  He did it because he would always watch cartoons with his daughter.  He thought it would be cool to be in one for her.

Monsters, Inc. IMDb

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