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Mr. Saturday Night

1992 – Horrible. When Billy Crystal was at the premier of his next movie, Forget Paris, Stuttering John asked Billy how long you should be married before it’s ok to cheat on your wife?  Billy got angry and that’s where we get the great “So you can take this back to Howard and shove it up his fucking ass!  Howard goofs on me and it’s not fun,” then grabs the rest of John’s questions and storms away.  Robin says it’s not fun, but it is funny, and that hopefully he went home and read them later.  One of the questions was, “Isn’t it ironic that Mr. Saturday Night closed Saturday afternoon?  Howard said when you watch the opening credits, the name “William Crystal” comes up dramatically after Directed by, Written by and Starring…  He acts so self-important, no self-effacing humor with him.  When Stuttering John asked him if there was going to be a Mr. Saturday NIght 2, Billy answered, “yes, there will.”  Howard said this movie was about old Jewish comedians, and Hitler couldn’t have done a better job.  It was the most anti-Semitic movie ever.  You wanted to punch a Jew when you left the theater.  Howard said, The movie made $12, and it’s not like I’m the only one to goof on that movie.”  Robin said most people dumped on the movie by not going to see it.  Here’s the audio of John’s interview:

Mr. Saturday Night on IMDb

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