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Napoleon Dynamite

2004 – Another classic among the crew.  Napoleon looks, sounds and acts like JD, so  sound bites from this movie used to be used whenever JD talked-now they use the the techo music.  “Do chickens have sharp talons?” and “Whatever I want to, Gosh!”, as well as his “liger”.  Also his brother, Chip, talking to babes on the internet, and the self defense class they both took.  Howard said John Heder was crazy to ever do another movie that didn’t have Napoleon Dynamite in it; he should have ridden that wave forever. John Heder was on the show, and it was years later when he was plugging a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon that didn’t last long.

On Howard Stern: The Satellite Years:  Howard was talking to Robin about how movies now have to make it on their first weekend out.  They aren’t given the chance to grow by word of mouth like years before.  Movies like Rocky, Crocodile Dundee, Napoleon Dynamite and Borat.  Maybe the last movie to grow like that was the Jazz Singer in the 30’s.  Robin disagrees, but Howard says he’s talked to an expert and movies don’t grow like that anymore.  Howard said that Hoosiers was a great movie, but then they made a Hoosiers light and it was horrible.  Saw 3 got awful reviews but made lots of money at the box office.  Howard said Artie should make his next movie a horror picture and it would do better at the box office than Beer League.

In June, 2014, the Stern Show tweeted out:

From the Stern Show:  Congrats guys on the 10th anniversary of #NapoleonDyanmite 

Tweeted From the Stern Show
Tweeted From the Stern Show

Napoleon Dynamite on IMDb

Image by Tom Adelsbach

All Images by Tom Adelsbach

jd copy

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach


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