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Natural Born Killers

1994 –  In Robin’s news, a man who killed his family reported that he watched Natural Born Killers over and over again.  Howard said that would drive anyone crazy.  Howard and Robin loved this movie, and thought Woody Harrelson was fantastic in it.  Tom Sizemore was in studio, and they again talked about how great this movie was.  Tom had a relationship with Juliette Lewis during the making of the movie.  When he was with her at her place, she would play porn music because she liked the music.

Quentin Tarantino had written Natural Born Killers, but Oliver Stone got to direct, and he didn’t like the changes he made to the script.  Said the only things that were the same was the names of the main characters.  Howard said he didn’t get that movie, either.

Juliette Lewis called in to the show, and they talked about Natural Born Killers.  Howard says she’s great when she’s dancing around the diner-says she has those great psycho eyes, and she’s always been sexy in all of her movies.  He says Tommy Lee Jones should sue Oliver Stone because of the role he had him play.  Robin said that role was a caricature. Howard asked her what it was like to have Rodney Dangerfield squeeze her ass, and she said she didn’t like it.

Rodney Dangerfield interview where he discussed Natural Born Killers-the grabbing of Julia Louie-Dreyfus’ ass.  He didn’t know her at all, but the director kept yelling at him to grab it, so he did.  He played a creepy step dad in it.


Natural Born Killers

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