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2014 – Seth Rogen was in studio plugging his new film Neighbors.  There is a great scene where the neighbors are fighting by putting bottle rockets up their butts and shooting them at each other.  Seth said they took that scene out because of time issues. Howard said they should always make room for that.  Seth said it will make the DVD extra, though.  Seth said that making the films Guilt Trip and Green Hornet when he did was perfect timing to learn about what doesn’t work in movies.  He was led to do those movies when he was trying to be conservative. He says he learned that’s why R rated comedies work, and PG-13 don’t. He has to hold back with a PG 13; they would do something really funny off script and then realize it couldn’t go in the movie.  He said he really liked his Neighbor co-star Zac Efron, even though he didn’t want to like him because he’s so good-looking. He said he saw Zac’s penis base during the filming of a scene where they’re pretending to pee together, and said that it has a girthy root.  Which Howard said wasn’t fair-this guy’s got everything.  Seth said Zac looks like a committee of gay men designed him.

Ike Barinholtz was in studio from Neighbors, which made 52 million this first last weekend.  He said he didn’t get any of the back end of the movie money, but did get free Kraft service with all he could eat.  He said he improvised his role, which they can’t show in the trailers, because he’s screaming the N word.  Both Jimmy Kimmel, who was also in studio, and Robin said it was good.  Howard again complained that the studios won’t send him a copy.  Ike said he smoked pot on the first day of shooting with Seth Rogen.  He was told he wouldn’t be shooting until late in the day, and then all of a sudden they were ready for him and he was still stoned.  He said being in Seth’s trailer is like being with a stoned mogul.  He sits there smoking pot cutting a movie, reading a script and yelling “It’s looking great!” to someone on the phone all at the same time.

Ronnie Mund Tweeted:  responded to @CreepBJ: How many “Dudes” do you give it? Just went to see Seth Rogan’s New Movie Neighbors!! Funny Stuff!!  GIVEit4Duudes

Neighbors on IMDb

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