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2017 –

Novitiate was a really good movie. One of the best movies that Howard had ever seen. It was a real dark, all the actors were great. He wondered who would watch it, but it is really good. He said it couldn’t see it in any theaters-it couldn’t make any money. Jason said it made half a million dollars. Howard said he got a free copy when he advertised it, otherwise he never would have watched it. He only watched it because none of his other TVs didn’t work. But from the moment this movie started it was great.

Talking in early 2018, Howard again said Novitiate is an excellent movie about a woman becoming a nun. He said it’s like a doctor going through hell internships to become a doctor, and then making sure the young guys coming up have to go through the same hell. It’s just crazy what this woman goes through.

Novitiate on IMDb

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