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Pacific Rim

2013 –  On 7.29.13 Howard said he saw this movie and loved it.  Said he thinks Robin would love it.  Thinks it’s not doing well at the box office.  Robin said it made $22.4 million, but cost $200 million to make.  It did make $224 million worldwide, but only $84 million in the US.  Howard said they use those numbers so that it looks like they didn’t make that much money. Howard said it’s about this invasion from monsters that come in through a portal in the ocean and they develop these iron men-like robot suits, but they only work with two people’s brains together to fight.  It’s got that guy from Luther and the one from Sons of Anarchy.  He says it’s really good with crazy special effects.

Howard said we have the greatest movie makers here in this country.  It’s our #1 export.  Some of these people are from other countries, but they’re US movies.  Even Guillermo del Torres is from the US.  Robin says he’s not from here, but Howard says that he lives here, and that’s what’s important. Robin says he’s from Spain, Fred says from Mexico.  Robin says he lives here in Los Angeles now, and Howard says “exactly-thank you.”  Howard says he comes from the American film industry; it’s an American export.  They’re finding talent in other places and bringing it here.  Then he says it’s a good movie no matter where you’re from.

JD tweeted on 4.30.13 about the preview:  Pacific Rim WonderCom footage..awesome

Howard said Pacific Rim   is about robots and aliens that come out of the sea, so he’ll be going to see it. Idris Elba was on David Letterman, and Howard asked Robin if she’s making a movie, would she cast this guy or Denzel Washington? Robin said it would depend on the role, but probably it would go to Denzel, because he can do anything.

Steve Brandano tweeted::

@SBrandano: @jmastin bought my tickets for Friday ahead of time. You can expect a tweet after for sure. #stringercancelstheapocalypse

Then on 7.13, he tweeted:  “No official thoughts on PacRim from me”

After Howard said how much he loved the movie on 7.29, Steve tweeted that “you can assume that if I don’t tweet about a movie I probably don’t have anything nice to say about it.”

Late 2013, Ralph tweeted:  “REALLY GOOD, GREAT Xtras detailing the VERY impressive thought/design that went into creating it.”  and then ” YEAH I LOVED IT it even more when I watched how well thought out everything was, DEL TORO is a TRUE VISIONARY”

Pacific Rim on IMDb

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