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Palo Alto

2013 –

Thanks again to  James Franco in studio to plug Palo Alto which opens on May 9th. James is on Broadway in Of Mice And Men until July. He said he has a book of poetry called Directing Herbert White: Poems.  His co star in  Palo Alto , Emma Roberts, was in American Horror Story, which James said she was great in.  James also wrote the movie and said that he didn’t want to adapt the movie himself; he wanted someone else to take it and do something with it. He said he met Gia Coppola who is Francis’ grand daughter. Howard asked if he had anything against her because of who her grandfather was. James said no. He said she wasn’t even a director at the time. He said she was a photographer. He said that her photographs were in the same vein as his book. He said it was focusing on youth but not making it for a youth audience. Howard said she got his vibe.  James said he took the leap and got Gia to do it.  Howard gave James a plug for his movie and asked if Emma Roberts is hot. James said she’s tiny but she is hot. Howard asked if he bangs his co-stars. James said he’s getting to the point where many of his co-stars are married or engaged. He said Emma is engaged. Howard said a lot of people get engaged and don’t end up getting married. James said he’s had friends get married young and they should wait. He said if the relationship is working then just stay in it. He said he really respects marriage. He said his parents were together their whole lives.Some thought the recent scandal where he was said to be with a much younger girl was just a publicity stunt. He said nothing happened with that girl.  They just took a photograph together after the play and she posted it on Instagram. He had no way of knowing how old she was.

Palo Alto on IMDB

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