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Parent Trap (1998)

1998 –  In 2013, Robin said that Oprah Winfrey got an interview with Lindsay Lohan, and Howard said that means she’s going to be alright, because no one goes on Oprah and is not alright afterwards.  She told Oprah she’d been dependent on alcohol and using other drugs, but not hooked on drugs.  Howard said that was her identical twin over in Europe.  When Robin didn’t know what he was talking about, he said, you know, like in Parent Trap, where she had that identical twin that they were separated at birth, and one of them went to live with Dennis Quaid in Europe?

Howard always thought Lindsay was a great actress.  Liked her in this and in Freaky Friday.  Said she never really had a chance with her crazy parents, but that she was a crazy good actress and such a cute kid.  He thought she would be hot, and he was right, but in 2013, Howard said she already looks and sounds old.  She’s been in and out of rehab 7 times.  He and Artie would always say she would probably be crazy in bed, because she was so looney.

Parent Trap on IMDb

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