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Pootie Tang

2001 – Louis CK was in studio talking about his failures, and this came up.  He said it had killed him when all his heroes said they hated it.  He had grown up watching Siskel and Ebert, and it killed him when Ebert hated it.  And he was a big Stern fan, so when  Robin said she hated it, that it was awful.  He said he had a meeting with the studio executive, Samuel Goldwyn’s grandson, who should know something about movies, yelled at him.  He says that if this hadn’t been such a failure, his later series wouldn’t have been so good.  He said he can’t watch any more than 5 minutes of it anymore.  Louis said that he became famous for making a movie that everyone hated.  He said it did make it’s money back, and now is almost a cult classic.  It was only released because Chris Rock was in it, and he was hot at the time.  After Howard had asked him if people moved away from him after that and he said yes, George Takei said that he’s got resilience to be able to get over failures like that.  Louis said it was pretty easy, as he’d already had the shit kicked out of him.

Seth Rogen was in studio in 2014 and said he loves this movie.

Pootie Tang on iMDb

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