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2009 -Howard and Robin both said they liked this movie.  Their comments on the movie, especially the extremely overweight star, caused lots of controversy in the media.  They picked up his clips to play on all the celebrity “news’ shows.  Howard said this woman needs help, as she’s obviously unhealthy.  He said everyone is saying how great an actress she is, and that she’s up for an Academy Award, but what other kind of role is this woman ever going to be able to get, looking the way she does?  During the Oscar ceremony, Oprah Winfrey introduced Gabourey as the next big star.  He said that when Oprah was saying this, the camera would cut back to Gabourey, who had been seated at the end of a row in almost total darkness.  Howard said to look at Hollywood, and the women who are getting the lead roles–none of them look like this woman, and look at the way they were uncomfortable even showing her at the award show!

Howard and Robin said that the news was picking up on their comments because the only way they could bring up the fact that she was fat was by saying how awful and mean Howard was by saying she was fat. They had been dying to bring up the fact, and Howard and Robin’s conversation gave them an easy way to do it.   Anchors made rude comments like Howard and Robin shouldn’t talk, as they’re ugly, too.  Robin actually said she had reached out to the star of the film to ask if she could help her find a more healthy way of living, but didn’t hear back.  Gabourey did end up getting some small roles on some TV shows, which the news anchors said proved Howard wrong, of course this woman will be able to find work.  But Howard said she will only be given small roles, and Hollywood will be able to congratulate themselves on being so open-minded, and when the controversy is over, Gabourey will end up in obscurity.  Howard was the only thing that kept her career alive a while longer.

Yukko the Clown also had a great clip from interviews with people on a golf course.  He had asked a woman a question, and after her answer, he said, “Aren’t you precious?” When she said, “Thanks”, he said, “No, aren’t you that fat chick from the movie?”

In 2013, Howard said that the Precious star should make a comeback on the Splash show or Dancing With the Stars, because, of course he was right that she doesn’t have a career.

The Stern show has a bumper going into or out of commercials that has a clip of news anchors talking about the remarks Howard made on the air.  The male anchor said that Howard wasn’t much to look at either, and the woman says that Robin’s not particularly thin, either.

In 2013, Howard met Gabourey at Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding.  He said he went up to her to tell her how much he enjoyed the movie and that he meant no ill will by him comments.  He said all she could do was giggle.

In December of 2013, Kirstie Alley was in studio, and when talking about her struggle with weight, Howard asked her about the Precious star, and his comments at the time that there really are no roles for overweight actresses, and Kirstie didn’t even know who she this actress was, completely making Howard’s point.

Precious on IMDd

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