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Pretty Woman

1990 – Howard loves this chick flick.  Has often said he wanted to remake it, the last time he mentioned it would be with him taking Wendy the Retard shopping. He has said he loves any transformation movie when the girl turns out to be beautiful.  Mr. Skin says that Julia Roberts has one of the best last of the real breast shots in this movie. It’s quick, but there’s a shot through the bedposts of her naked.

Gerard Butler was in studio and talking about his new girlfriend that he took back to his place the night he met her and they tried on hats all night and that nothing happened.  Then he flew to Milan 2 weeks later to see her again.  Howard said that was a Pretty Woman moment.

The writer, JF Lawton, was the one who was going to write the Fartman script for Howard.

1970 – Howard would always goof on Beyond the Valley of the Dolls whenever Roger Ebert came in studio.  Roger always defends his writing of that movie, saying it’s still very original.  He said it’s more original that Pretty Woman and Under Siege, which he says are just rewrites of old stories, both written by JF Lawton, who Howard was bragging was going to write Fartman.

A caller said he’d lost his penis in a waterskiing, barbed wire accident.  Howard asked him how long he waits before he tells a new girl he doesn’t have a penis.  He said he only gets intimate with girls that he’s already in a relationship with and Howard wondered if he would make the girl wait before he gave it to her like Richard Gere did to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

In 2014, On the WUS, Richard talked about when he and Sal go shopping together every Christmas and call it their Pretty Woman moment.  They try on jeans and check each others’ butts to make sure they fit right, and always end up buying the same brand and cut of jeans.

In August 2014, Big Foot was in studio plugging his new movie The Jersey Shore Massacre.  He talked about putting his fingers up a postman’s ass for $50, but he wouldn’t kiss him.  Robin said that was the same rule Julia Roberts had in Pretty Woman-she wouldn’t kiss her clients, either.

In 2017, In 2017, Howard asked Robin what the most romantic movie ever, and she said When Harry Met Sally. He said, no, it was Pretty Woman. It has all the seduction scenes and it’s great. Robin said it’s a good movie, but it’s so unrealistic. It’s not what real hookers look like. Real hookers look like Benjy or Sumner Redstone, not Julia Roberts. Robin said businessmen don’t look like Richard Gere, either; they look like either Benjy or Sumner Restone, too. Howard said they should remake the movie with Benjy playing both the male and female roles.

Pretty Woman on IMDb

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